Fibre Mood x Polytex Stoffen

Interested in renewing your Fibre Mood fabric package or want to become a customer? Send an e-mail to: or contact your salesperson.

Fibre Mood x Polytex Stoffen

Fibre Mood – a DIY fashion magazine and online platform including its own fabric line – was created out of a passion to get as many women and men as possible excited about sewing their own stylish wardrobe!

They publish their magazine five times a year and as exclusive fabric supplier of Fibre Mood, Polytex Fabrics supplies the corresponding fabrics! Check out the latest fabric collection here!

The fabrics are available in the form of 3 fabric packages (B2B only); Gold

  1. You will receive the entire collection (100%);
  2. You will receive extra promotional material for your shop and webshop;
  3. Your store will get a personal page on the Fibre Mood website containing information about the store and an interview including photos of your store. You will also be mentioned on our (Polytex Fabrics) website;
  4. Your store will appear in the Fibre Mood store locator (with a link to your website) and with the fabrics in the collection, consumers can also find your store;
  5. Your shop will be listed with your name (in gold colour) in the magazine.


  1. You will recieve 70% of the collection spread over two magazines
  2. You will recieve a package with promotion materials for your store and webstore
  3. Your store will recieve a personal page on the Fibre Mood website, containing information about the store. You will also be mentioned on the Polytex-website;
  4. Your store will appear in the Fibre Mood store locator (with a link to your website) and with the fabrics in the collection, consumers can also find your store;
  5. Your store will appear in the magazine with your name (in silver color).


  1. You will recieve 40% of the collection spread over two magazines
  2. You will recieve a package with promotion materials for your store and webstore
  3. Your store will appear in the Fibre Mood store locator (with a link to your website) and with the fabrics in the collection, consumers can also find your store;

The magazines are available through Fibre Mood.Are you interested in renewing your Fibre Mood fabric package or would you like to become a customer? Send an email to: or contact your salesperson.

Summer Collection 2024

The latest summer collection is ready, and we are excited to share it with you!

This year, once again, we have worked with great care and attention on our collection. We have integrated the very latest trend colors into our basic fabrics, gathered unique prints, and introduced high-quality new materials. Our talented designers have created beautiful patterns that will surely captivate you. In short, don’t miss this opportunity and make sure you can admire our brand-new collection. You will also be able to view it online soon!

What’s new?

  • Prints on linen blends
  • Printed canvas
  • Sport collection (yoga & outdoor)
  • New t-shirt panels
  • Summer 2024 Fibre Mood fabric collection

Please contact your sales representative to schedule an appointment or email us at:

Our five best qualities!

Denim, cotton, modal, linen, wool, silk, flannel, bamboo, viscose… the choice is huge! So how do you know which fabric to choose? Luckily, we at Polytex Stoffen know our way around fabrics and present our top 5 qualities below!   Bamboo

In first place is bamboo! A sustainable fabric and therefore popular in homemade fashion. Bamboo is the fastest growing grass in the world, needs almost no water and pesticides are not necessary either. This fabric is not only suitable for people with sensitive skin as it is soft, comfortable and breathable. Bamboo is also antibacterial and hypoallergenic, so it doesn’t need to be washed hotter than 30 degrees. So it is also very suitable for children and even babies! A bamboo fabric is made using the viscose process. This process extracts a viscous organic liquid from the bamboo wood and turns it into yarn.

Looking for a great bamboo fabric? How about a jersey, French terry, twill or a woven bamboo quality?

Viscose & Viscose EcoVero

Looking for a cool fabric for your next summer dress? Then viscose is a good choice. Viscose is versatile due to its softness and is made from wood fibres.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, there is also viscose EcoVero from the company Lenzing. Here, the pulp used for production comes from sustainably certified forests.

Take a look at our viscose and EcoVero fabrics here.

Modal In third place is modal! Like viscose, this fabric is made from cellulose, with the difference that modal goes through an extra step in the production process, which makes the fabric even stronger, absorbs moisture better and feels softer. Modal also has a nice sheen, drapes well and can be washed in almost any water temperature. Our most popular fabric is the high quality modal jogging. A high quality interlock that is perfect for loungewear, but also for neat jumpers.

You can find all modal fabrics from Polytex Stoffen here. Lyocell (Tencel) As soon as the temperatures rise, Lyocell is the perfect choice! Not only is this fabric hypoallergenic, it is also comfortable to wear because it is soft, breathable and feels cool against the skin. Lyocell is made from cellulose, just like viscose and modal, but fewer chemicals are used, making it even more environmentally friendly than viscose. In addition, Lyocell is always made from wood chips that come from eucalyptus or beech trees. Lyocell also comes in an environmentally friendly and sustainable variant, namely Tencel. Since the production process is virtually closed, there is little to no waste and pollution remains limited. Tencel is used on the market by the company Lenzing.

Do you already know our Tencel denim? This super soft denim, with and without stretch, falls elegantly and smoothly with a slight sheen. The fabric is breathable and dries quickly. These are all our Lyocell and Tencel fabrics.

Cotton Of course, cotton must not be missing from this list. It has been popular for many years and is suitable for all kinds of purposes: Shirts, shirts, jumpers, shorts, a nice summer dress and even underwear. Excellent breathability, soft on the skin and washable at various temperatures up to 90 degrees!

We sell more than 700 fabrics with cotton. Our standard fabric is Jogging 997241 with matching border fabric 997242. For our own fabric brands we always use “combed compact cotton” or “combed compact cotton”. Before spinning, the yarns are combed. This makes the yarn smoother and softer. It also ensures that it does not lint after washing.

Do you have questions about one of these fabrics or are you looking for something else but don’t know exactly what? We will be happy to help you!

Polytex Stoffen named Strongest Link 2023 in the International Business category!

For the 20th time in a row, several companies from the Rijnland and Kennemerland region came together where everyone has ‘Service’ and ‘Customer focus’ at the top of their priorities. In the ‘International Business’ category, Polytex Stoffen was named the Strongest Link 2023!

“The jury noticed from everything that Polytex is all about the international customer where creativity, innovation, speed of delivery and awarding are key. Sustainability also plays an important role. By making fabrics from recycled materials and using bamboo, it is well aware of its social responsibility and therefore also manages to attract younger customers. Because Polytex has been able to hold its own in a rapidly changing market for three generations, reaching out to its customers with total dedication and providing them with the best possible service, the jury felt that this company was a convincing winner of the That’s Lease Medal for International Business from the Strongest Link.”

Presentation of The Strongest Link, International Business category 2023 at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, March 2023

We have been nominated for the Sterkste Schakel 2023

We, Polytex Stoffen, were recently nominated for the Sterkste Schakel Verkiezing Rijnland, the regional election for companies that excel in service and customer focus. The election is organised annually by the Sterkste Schakel Kring in cooperation with the business magazine Rijnstreek Business.

The Strongest Link Election, intended for businesses in the Rhine and Veen region, the Leiden region, the Dune and Flowerbulb region, Nieuw Vennep, Nieuwkoop and the Waddinxveen area, will be held for the twentieth time in 2023 and has by now experienced tremendous appreciation from entrepreneurs. This is mainly because participating companies are nominated by customers, fellow entrepreneurs and/or administrators from the region. Translated with (free version)

It is a sign of recognition, especially at a time when maintaining and building business relationships requires more time and energy than before.

The sectors in which will be competed are Retail, Automotive, Construction, Installation & Engineering, Services, Tourism, Hospitality, Recreation & Wholesale and International Business. The winner for each sector (finalists) will be selected from all nominations. The sector winners and the final overall winner will be chosen by an expert jury consisting of former winners from previous editions. The final is in spring 2023 and will be held at a beautiful venue in the region. It will then be announced who can call himself the Strongest Link 2023.

You can read more about the election on the website

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Winter Collection 20-21

New Winter CollectionDespite these difficult times, our new winter 2020-2021 collection is ready. We have put together the collection with great care. The latest trend colors have been added to our basic fabrics, trendy prints and qualities have been collected and our designers have delivered beautiful designs. Do not miss anything and get to see the new collection. Our salesman will be happy to visit you – if possible – or we can present the collection digitally to you via a video call.

Patterns Abacadabra + It’sAfits

Abadacabra are patterns for children.
It’s A fits are patterns for women and men.
The fabrics which are used on the models are mostly available in our webshop.

The difficulty is written on the pattern:
1 = Easy
2 = A littble bit experience
3 = Advanced

You can order the patterns per 6 pieces.

Click on the picture and you can save it.