Today we dive into the enchanting world of Jacquard

Jacquard is known for its complex patterns, textures and images, made possible through the use of the Jacquard weaving machine. This machine, invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in the early 19th century, enabled the weaving of intricate designs through the use of perforated cards. These cards caused different threads to be lifted up at different times, creating the desired pattern. Today, the process is fully automated. 

The ability to weave sophisticated details into the fabric creates an artistic and luxurious look. Jacquard can be either woven or knitted. Where woven Jacquard is produced on a Jacquard loom resulting in a firmer and dense structure, knitted Jacquard fabrics are produced on knitting machines. In this process, the pattern is knitted directly into the fabric, giving these fabrics a lighter, more elastic and softer texture. This makes knitted Jacquard fabrics perfect for comfortable garments such as sweaters and dresses. Woven Jacquards are also great for interior fabrics and other decorative applications due to their strength. Furthermore, Jacquard fabrics are sometimes reversible, meaning that the pattern can be seen on both sides.

At Polytex Stoffen, we have both knitted and woven Jacquards. How about this knitted floral pattern in various colors from recycled yarns? Or this woven shiny jacquard? Or this more classic pattern?

In short, Jacquard is not just another fabric and is a work of art in itself. Discover the magic of Jacquard and be inspired by the endless possibilities this beautiful fabric has to offer!