New quality Yoga Fabrics

Discover Our New Quality Yoga Fabrics: Perfection in Movement and Comfort

At Polytex Stoffen, we are excited to present one of our newest additions: high-quality yoga fabrics that offer the perfect balance between functionality, comfort and style.

Innovative Composition for Ultimate Comfort

Our new yoga fabric is composed of 78% polyester (PL) and 22% elastane (EA). This combination offers some impressive advantages:

Polyester (PL): Known for its durability, breathability and moisture-wicking properties, polyester makes this fabric perfect for intense yoga sessions. It keeps the skin dry by wicking away sweat quickly, keeping the body cool and comfortable.

Elastane (EA): The addition of 22% elastane provides exceptional stretchability and flexibility. This material moves with you no matter what posture or movement you adopt, offering maximum freedom of movement without any restrictions.

With a width of 150 cm and a weight of 250 g/m2, this fabric offers the ideal density and structure for yoga or other sportswear. The fabric is firm enough to provide support, but light enough to create a second-skin feel.

Versatile use: from yoga to travel adventures

Our yoga fabric is not only ideal for yoga clothing, but can also serve excellently as ‘travel quality’ fabric. Here are a few reasons why:

Wrinkle-resistant: Thanks to the special composition of polyester and elastane, this fabric is less prone to wrinkles. This makes it the perfect choice for garments you put in your suitcase while travelling. On arrival, you’ll take them out wrinkle-free, ready to be worn.

Quick-dry:: While travelling, it is not always possible to wait a long time for your clothes to dry after washing. This fabric dries quickly, which is useful for people who are often on the move and need to wash their clothes regularly.

Comfort and Style: Whether you have a long flight or a day of sightseeing, comfort is essential. This fabric offers not only comfort but also a stylish look, so you’ll always look good no matter what the circumstances.

Our yoga design fabrics like this zebra and abstract print are perfect to combine with our uni yoga fabrics!

Environmentally friendly choices and sustainability

Our new yoga fabric is designed with the environment in mind. Polyester is recyclable, which helps reduce waste and carbon footprint.

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